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Scarlett House Food Group is an experienced and exceptional food manufacturing company in the Greater Toronto Area. We have a proven track record for outstanding customer service and attention to detail. Our main division is our Contract Services.

Our Contract Services division provides ready to eat foods, which includes everything from snack boxes, to prepackaged food items, to hot meals for major Canadian Airlines, and other various segments including: Transportation, Gas, Convenience, and Healthcare.


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Our product development team works closely with our Red Seal certified chefs to customize and tailor every menu and product to exceed our clients expectations as well as develop products which are sure to impress. Our products are not designed to work in rotation but to be individually tailored to each client. We do not open pre-made food packages: WE CREATE FRESH, every day.


Being a large company with a multitude of food service divisions allows the flexibility to draw on culinary resources at every level. Our directors and mangers mentor junior staff for promotion, encouraging them to experience and gather knowledge from all aspects of the food service business. We empower our staff daily to ask questions, learn from others and become well-rounded food service professionals.


We believe, by coupling the freshest ingredients with experienced chefs and exceptional staff, we have created a tried and true recipe for success. We encourage feedback from all of our clients and their clients furthermore. Not only are you receiving services from independent divisions; as a partner, Scarlett House Food Group as a whole, works for you.


We partner with likeminded firms that understand and appreciate the importance of house-made, fresh food for their employees and guests while maintaining the highest standards of health and food safety in the industry. In keeping with our mission and values, we look for opportunities where our expertise, experience and values coincide with like clients and vendors. It is not our goal to grow by acquiring account after account because of sheer volume to our bottom line. Our corporate relationships and partnerships last because of our open book policies, quick issue resolution and experienced front line crew backed with the dedicated daily support of our corporate management team.

The Team, Talent & Creativity

Our strategic outlook hinges on the desire to grow and diversify. Our team brings a vast amount of experience and, as importantly, strong industry relationships and credibility.  Our team has successfully grown and diversified our client list. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients and guests are provided with timely, friendly, and stressfree communication. We are proud of our unmatched, exceptional customer service. Learning, creating and teaching to stay industry leaders, we believe that our team should be in a constant state of flux. That means constantly learning new trends and concepts, creating new products, introducing our own industry trends and teaching each other and other industry professionals our craft.