About Scarlett House Atlantic Division Inc.

Airline / Rail / Convenience / Healthcare / Retail / In-House Restaurants

Debuting in 2019, Scarlett House Food Group Inc. opened our doors to our Atlantic Division with the vision of nation-wide services. Located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Scarlett House Atlantic Division Inc. operates daily to provide our clients with the highest standards of service. Providing trend conscious, healthy, and out-of-the-box ideas, our ready-to-eat meals are leading the way in the Canadian food market.

Working closely with our Head Quarters in Toronto, Ontario; our Atlantic Division operates daily providing our clients the highest quality, freshest ingredients, and trend-sensitive meal options. We are proud of our flexibility and superior customer service, which allows us the opportunity to work directly with our clients to build their menus to suit each of their consumer needs.

Originality and uniqueness amongst our clients are extremely important throughout our creative process, our team of skilled Product Developers and Visionary Chefs work to create menus and meals for each client individually. Understanding todays ever changing guest palettes and consistently work towards developing innovative items to showcase is our main priority.
Through maintaining supplier relationships, we are able to remain competitive while still delivering on our promises.

Focusing on the niche market Halifax has to offer, we are happy to expand our services to suit the taste of the demographic.


Halifax Production Unit: 201 Brownlow Ave, Unit 24, Dartmouth NS. B3B 1W2

Contract Services

Our contract services division is proud to offer a wide range of conveniently packaged sandwiches, salads, deli, cheese, and protein trays, yogurt parfaits, and so many more items. Providing everything from non-perishable to fresh, daily meals, we work with our clients to provide all ‘above the wing’ services. Unique buy-on-board concepts in addition to business class tray set-ups and entrees; we cover everything our clients need including special dietary meals.

Recently, we have focused on developing relationships within the transportation, convenience, hospital and hospitality sectors to continue expanding our product line up.

Working directly with our clients, we are proud to create products to fit their requirements rather than standardizing our menus and individual products.

In-House Restaurants

Touching on our initial roots, Scarlett House Atlantic Division Inc. operates daily services to in-house restaurant/cafeteria locations.

Specializing in redesign and development of current spaces, we are proud to transform spaces into valuable assets for companies looking for a location where employees can enjoy a high quality, healthy meal whilst maintaining a productive day.

Each of our in-house restaurants incorporates our company’s catering expertise into everyday operations. Clients are motivated to remain loyal to Scarlett House as we show consistent dedication to providing only the most prestigious quality of service, high-quality of food and menu items, enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff, and exceptional in-house catering services.

We appreciate that each of our clients are different and to ensure we are providing the best levels of service, we are continually redesigning and revamping our restaurant services to ensure that each location is running optimally, to ensure customer satisfaction, every day.

Our high levels of personalized chef services often include: Hot Food and Show Cooking, Made-To-Order Sandwiches and Salads, Fresh Daily house-made Soups, and Barista crafted Beverages including Cappuccinos and Lattes as well as Fresh Fruit Smoothies.

As the success of these in-house restaurants is solely dependant to the success of our internal teams, our management teams work closely with building management to ensure quality is never a second thought. Maintaining the space we have created, focusing on having a diverse menu, and customer service being our priorities; our team strives to create something fresh, new and exciting for each of our guests, everyday.

Want to try us out? Learn more about our Jazz Market Café below!

Jazz Market Café