Contract Services / In-House Solutions

Our History

As a one hundred percent Canadian owned and operated company, it is inherent that our name was adapted from a piece of Canadian heritage, a farmhouse once owned by an industrious and ardent farmer, Edward L. Scarlett. After naming the property, The Scarlett House, Mr. Scarlett had productively operated his farm for over four decades. Since then, the venue was admired and later occupied by two businessmen with the big idea of operating a catering company within the facility – thus Scarlett House Catering was born.

As time has passed, we we had outgrown our original kitchen space and expanded our operation to multiple full-service locations throughout the GTA.

With our ever-growing operation taking flight and multiple new business opportunities expanding, Scarlett House Catering has taken our new venture that is Scarlett House Food Group Inc.

As opportunity later presented itself, Scarlett House Atlantic Division opened its doors to operate in Nova Scotia to ultimately offer services to more Canadians across the country.

Guided by fresh thinking and superior service, we look at our services as more than just delivering food to our guests, we pride ourselves on delivering spectacular service, fresh and flavourful meals and being involved in every element of our clients foodservice needs. The Scarlett Farmhouse remains a historical landmark in Mississauga and brand image for the ever-expanding and prosperous venture that is the Scarlett House Food Group Inc.

Our Philosophy

With years of experience in food service, Scarlett House Food Group understands the importance and value of individuality and uniqueness amongst our clients. Our team of highly skilled professionals are dedicated to creating memorable experiences regardless of the scope of any service. Whether it be on the ground providing service to restaurant style in-house dining, elaborate venue-style catered functions, or on the route for major Canadian Transportation companies, we apply our corporate values in all we do. We pride ourselves on our individuality created with our boutique-style business model as our expertise goes unmatched.

Our Mission

To provide leading edge innovative culinary solutions through an exceptional and consistent experience entailing quality, creativity, value, and teamwork.

Our Vision

Excellent Food. Superior Service. Fresh Thinking.

Corporate Values

  • Food Safety First
  • Driving change through great food
  • Deliver on our promises
  • People are our strength
  • Innovation
  • Building lasting relationships
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Direct, open, and honest communication
  • Continuous improvement
  • Integrity and ethical values

Facilities and Fleet

With multiple production facilities we ensure the delivery on our commitments is never compromised. Should emergency arise and during times of uncertainty, our teams are kept divided to limit the risk for potential spread additionally allowing us a clean workspace to continue to deliver.

We operate daily under all guidelines of our HACCP Certification ensure food safety is our top priority!

Our head office location also hosts our largest production facility with over 35,000ft² of climate-controlled production space detailed with cold rooms, hot kitchens, and ample storage warehousing space. At this facility we produce all our fresh products in addition to our co-packing operations. Our second facility with over 10,000ft² of climate-controlled production space operates daily to HACCP compliancy and produces all our frozen and special dietary required meals.

Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery to assist in all aspects of the food production and quality assurance process. Computer controlled slice and portion machines ensure accuracy with portion control, conveyor belt systems allow for streamlined product preparation, and automated packaging and sealing machinery all assist with our enhanced food safety requirements.

Our fleet of service vehicles are all equipped with refrigeration units and GPS tracking devices powered by Diesel and/or electric standby units to monitor and record location and temperature status. Our practices offer peace of mind to clients as we ensure all items remain at safe temperatures throughout the entire process from preparation to delivery.