Excellent Food, Superior Service, Fresh Thinking

Steve Coulighan President and Founder of Scarlett House Food Group Inc. in Mississauga

Steve Coulighan

President & Founder

Steve’s passion to create memorable experiences for people all started when he was a teenager working in the restaurant industry. From there his passion kept growing and he took the catering industry by storm. His down to earth personality, ambition and professionalism helped him build and create Scarlett House Food Group to become what it is today; a recognizable food manufacturing company within the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

Paul Andersen Director of operations of Scarlett House Food Group Inc. in Mississauga

Paul Andersen


With over 20 years of industry experience, Paul began his journey with Scarlett House Food Group in 2006. His creativity and skill set brought him to Scarlett House Food Group as our visionary chef, helping to create flawless catered events. Paul’s performance, leadership capacity, and desire to grow had proven him to be a natural in his previous role as Director of Operations and more recently, Paul has started his next journey as Vice President, Business Operations. Paul also holds the Certified Professional in Catering and Events (CPCE) designation by NACE.

Joe Almeida

Director of Operations

Joe joins the Scarlett House Management team with over 20 years of experience in food manufacturing. A customer focused leader, Joe has held senior roles in many of Ontario’s largest manufacturing plants where he has drawn on his extensive educational background and perfected his process driven approach to manufacturing, and strategic planning. Joe focuses on continuous improvement and growth throughout the organization while maintaining our position as industry leaders.

Ben Contella Director of Financial Planning & Analysis of Scarlett House Food Group Inc. in Mississauga

Ben Contella

Director of Financial Planning & Analysis

Ben, a mature and experienced businessman with sound conceptual, analytical and communication skills. Over 35 years experience within the business and institutional industry with emphasis on customer satisfaction, marketing, general management, strategic planning and problem definition. Ben’s previous experience includes successfully owning and operating two franchise locations in addition to an independent business.

Maher Ahmed Director of Restaurants and Venue Operations of Scarlett House Food Group Inc. in Mississauga

Maher Ahmed

Director of Restaurants and Venue Operations

Maher brings over 20 years of experience within the Hospitality industry to the Scarlett House portfolio. Previously holding many accomplished roles at well-known brands throughout industry and across the globe. He consistently ensures satisfaction of elite clientele such as former UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, and former and current Ontario Premiers including Bob Rae, Mike Harris, and Dalton McGuinty go unmatched. Maher is decorated with a number of course certifications making him an exceptional asset to our team.

Grethel Rodrigues HR Manager at Scarlett House Food Group Inc. in Mississauga

Grethel Rodrigues

HR Manager

Grethel’s extensive hands-on experience in functional areas of the Human Resources Department helps to foster a positive change in Scarlett House Food Group’s corporate culture while maintaining key aspects of Performance Management, Policy Design, Legal Compliance, Compensation, Health and Safety, Benefits, Training and Talent Acquisition. Grethel comes to Scarlett House with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management (BHRM) Hons. And a certification as a Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP).

Melanie Sawickyj Event Coordinator at Scarlett House Food Group Inc. in Mississauga

Melanie Sawickyj

Marketing Specialist

Melanie has been apart of our team for many years and is a direct example of the Scarlett House “Whatever It Takes” mantra. Applying her knowledge and unique professional style to all she is apart of; she leads the Scarlett House events team to ensure every project is a success. Focusing on marketing and developing the Scarlett House brand, she uses her extensive background from years of special events coordinating, brand marketing and traveling to be an exceptional asset to our team. Melanie has made it her personal objective to always provide fresh ideas and ingredients while always creating a unique guest experience for all clients.

See-Ling Liew

Senior Food Safety & Quality Assurance Manager

See-Ling serves as our Senior FSQA Manager and is responsible for leading the company’s quality and food safety initiatives. Prior to joining Scarlett House, she has served as QA Manager in various food companies ranging from home meal replacement to seafood and meat processing. She has over 10+ years of QA experience with active roles in leading, implementing and managing Food Safety and Quality Systems, as well as performing food safety, and brand audits in food service, retail, inflight catering and/or supply chain platforms. See-Ling holds a Masters degree in FSQA from University of Guelph, and is a certified HACCP and SQF practitioner.

Danny Tadic

Manager of Business Development

Danny comes to Scarlett House with 20 years of experience in Airline Catering Operations Management, and Account Management at local and commercial levels. Danny has worked closely with some of Canada’s largest Airlines leading key startups and managing complex, detailed specifications. As a key liaison managing the supplier/customer relationship, his years of experience with Customer Service has helped him develop a strong understanding of the catering business and most importantly client needs and expectations.

Durval Teixeira

Client Care Manager

Durval brings over 20 years of industry experience specializing in account management and customer service including a Bachelors of Commerce degree. Putting his extensive knowledge in product development and operations to use; he focuses on ensuring client satisfaction in all aspects of business in his new role as our Client Care Manager.

Aneeta Sharma

Product Development Data Specialist

Aneeta, bringing over 25 years of experience in customer service and data management within airline catering; Aneeta makes a great asset to the Scarlett House Product Development team. Her years of experience with new menu product launches, menu item changes and short and long term forecasting assist her from all aspects of the customer experience chain from initial presentation to full product menu implementation. Working closely with all levels of production planning Aneeta has perfected her skills supporting, identifying and troubleshooting at all levels of catering production operations.

Robert Pereira

Product Development Chef

Robert, with over 15 year of industry experience and a BSc in Culinary Arts, Nutrition and Food Science has spent his time learning and growing in a number of different roles across the Hotel, Airline, Food Service, and Retail industry segments. His years of experience have been spent within Canada and the Middle East working with a variety of different food service corporations to develop new products by conducting consumer testing, observing market trends and modifying recipes to suit the end consumer. His strong culinary background gives him the key aspects needed in his role as Product Development Chef and he carefully leads new projects through the entire commercialization process.

Edwina Herrera

Product Developer

Edwina comes to Scarlett House with over 19 years of experience working in product development; always having a strong commitment to reach excellence while working towards corporate goal achievements, Edwina’s organizational, analytical, and interpersonal skills are a crucial asset to the Product Development team. Her expertise lies in food chemistry and engineering, with a strong emphasis in nutrition, dietary requirements and food safety controls. Edwina’s years of experience with developing and leading project launches from beginning ideas to successful commercialization is another reason she is a fundamental part of the Scarlett House team.

Roseanne D’Silva Product Developer at Scarlett House Food Group Inc. in Mississauga

Roseanne D’Silva

Product Developer

Roseanne, a graduate from Western University, receiving her Bachelor of Science Degree with an Honours Specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics comes to us as a valuable asset to her role in the Scarlett House product development team. Roseanne’s primary focus is in the maintenance of product and nutritional documentation. Her strong technical skills and creative flair make her a key asset in helping Scarlett House Food Group remain on the leading edge of the foodservice industry.

Conrad Nowak General Plant Manager – K2 at Scarlett House Food Group Inc. in Mississauga

Conrad Nowak

General Plant Manager – K2

Conrad, the dynamic and ambitious General Plant Manager of Scarlett House Food Group’s largest production facility, developed his passion for excellent food at a young age. Possessing over 15 years of industry experience, Conrad has dedicated nearly half of his life to ensuring his guests enjoy high quality culinary experiences; both on and off the plate. His intrinsic ability to lead allows him to motivate and inspire his team to exceed our guests’ expectations with each and every meal we create.

Patricia Andoh General Plant Manager – Signet at Scarlett House Food Group Inc. in Mississauga

Patricia Andoh

General Plant Manager- K2

Patricia brings over 7 years of hospitality experience which have made her a key member of our Kimbel Production Management Team. Joining Scarlett House Food Group in 2016, her direct, persuasive management style has earned her a reputation as a formidable leader and consistent performer. Always putting her team’s safety and wellbeing first, her organizational skills, and creative passion continue to make Scarlett House Food Group an industry leader.

Juan Carlos Rojas Production Manager- K2 at Scarlett House Food Group Inc. in Mississauga

Juan Carlos Rojas

Production Manager- K2

JC, a dedicated and long-standing member of the Scarlett House Food Group team; has been excelling with us since 2012. Always focusing on improving quality and efficiency within our production units, JC plays an integral role in the daily operation of our Kimbel facility. Always pulling from his artistic background, he uses his creative passions to ensure that client satisfaction is always a top priority. JC’s long-term service with us does not go unnoticed boasting almost 10 years of food manufacturing experience, he plays an integral role within the Scarlett House Food Group team.

Sukhman Kaur QA Lead / Trainer at Scarlett House Food Group Inc. in Mississauga

Sukhman Kaur

Production Manager – K2

Sukhman, is an extremely dedicated and enthusiastic part of the FSQA team who is dedicated to continuous learning. Sukhman comes to us with extensive knowledge earned from her post-graduate program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. More so recently, Sukhman, has studied at Conestoga College to earn degrees specializing in Biotechnology, Food Safety and Quality Assurance, and Operational Leadership in Food Manufacturing. Certified in HACCP, she has a strong understanding about the fundamentals of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Food Safety Standards and Lean Six Sigma. Some of areas of expertise involves approaching food safety issues with Root Cause Analysis, Audits and precise documentation. Sukhman is passionately committed to the delivery of service excellence and maintaining a high standard of work practice for all of our clients.

Rob Canning General Plant Manager – Signet at Scarlett House Food Group Inc. in Mississauga

Rob Canning

General Plant Manager – Signet

Rob, graduating at the top of his class studying culinary, has honed his cooking and baking skills throughout his time in some of the largest volume kitchens in Southern Ontario. His knack for running high volume attraction and venue kitchens has allowed him to transition into his current role, managing the production at our frozen food’s facility. As a Red Seal certified Chef, Rob watches over the manufacturing process from raw ingredients, through the cooking process, packaging and beyond with a keen eye for both exceptional food quality and efficiency of production.

Onofre Arias

Production Chef – Millcreek

Onofre comes to the Scarlett House Food Group team with over 20 years of hands-on industry experience. A graduate from the Humber College Culinary Management Program is what set him off on his journey to create excellence through food. Onofre’s love for traveling is what keeps him inspired by experiencing culture, and flavours from around the world. His positive attitude and determination drives him to lead the kitchen with a fine eye for detail while ensuring quality in every bite.

Quentin Dexter

General Plant Manager – Atlantic Division