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Contract Services

Scarlett House Food Group provides centralized, nation-wide solutions in keeping with our trend conscious, healthy, out-of-the-box approach. Ready to eat meals are a leading growth sector in the Canadian food market. Our team works with major airlines and transportation companies to provide unique solutions for buy-on-board meals. Scarlett House Food Group fills a void in the marketplace by offering fresh, high quality and trend-sensitive meal options to our clients. Offering flexibility and superior customer service has garnered the attention of many clients in their quest for valuable service.

We are dedicated to producing fresh food and understand the important and value of the individuality and uniqueness among our clients, which is why, through maintaining supplier relationships, we maintain competitive pricing. Our division offers a wide range of conveniently packaged sandwiches, salads, deli and cheese trays, yogurt parfaits and much more. Our visionary Chefs understand today’s ever-changing guest palettes and are consistently working at developing innovative items to showcase.

Contract Service Clients

Scarlett House Food Group has been working closely with our contract services clients since 2009. From the early days we have worked with our airline clients to provide all above the wing services including non-perishable and fresh daily meals. We provide unique buy on-board concepts as well as business class tray set ups and entrees, which include special dietary meals.

In recent years we have focused on building and developing relationships within the transportation, convenience and hospital sectors. We take pride in developing menu items which include high-quality ingredients, and pairing them with our unique knowledge and experience to create products that are innovative and align with current and future food trends.

Kimbel Flight Kitchen (K2)

Our Kimbel Flight Facility is one of our main production locations. It is conveniently located near the Toronto Pearson International Airport; featuring a climate-controlled production and storage area for fresh product including our wide array of fresh grab and go items. This location also prepares Business Class transportation tray set-ups and buy-on-board meal options.

Signet Frozen Meals Plant

Our Signet Frozen Meals Plant specializes in developing and producing our frozen and special dietary meals. Built to federal standards, the facility is fully environmentally controlled to prepare our ready to eat foods suitable for all client needs.

Millcreek Fresh Meals Kitchen

Our Millcreek Fresh Meals Kitchen prepares fresh, hot meals. This facility features our newly renovated state-of-the-art kitchen loaded to ensure meal possibilities are endless.

Food Safety

The most important component to the Scarlett House Food Group process is our Food Safety Program.

Inspected regularly by Health Canada, along with our third-party food safety auditor, Medina Quality; our multiple production facilities across the GTA operate on a daily basis to meet the demand of our clients. We are proud to produce and deliver our products 365 days a year from our HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) compliant facilities.

Scarlett House Food Group is committed to food safety and ensures that each product manufactured complies with all Canadian food legislative requirements as well as the Quality & Safety Alliance for Inflight Services (QSAI) Programme. This commitment is evident through the implementation of HACCP based on food safety and quality programs, in line with internationally recognized Code Guidelines. Our Integrated Food Safety Programs give assurance that we are able to provide safe products to our customer and consumers as well as deliver consistently high-quality products and services. We are committed to continuous improvement, so our products consistently meet the evolving needs of our customers and legislation, and maintain a competitive advantage.

We are committed to providing quality that satisfies our customers’ needs and expectations. They may be through timely delivery; providing the best value for cost; efficient and courteous service; or superior quality, and reliability. We achieve this through:

  • Understanding and responding to our customers’ needs and expectations
  • Improving the systems of production to generate continuing quality and productivity improvements
  • Developing a highly-trained and motivated workforce with full accountability and responsibility
  • Establishing long-term relations with suppliers, and company food safety and quality objectives

Our in-house FSQA team is consistently monitoring, developing and enhancing the standards to our Food Safety Program which also includes routine microbiological testing, traceability, product quality testing, and temperature tracking.